India and Russia’s joint exercise INDRA

Image source:PTI

India and Russia have started a joint, bi-annual military exercise in 2003. The exercise is conducted between the Indian navy with Russian navy.

It involves live firing drills, as well as air defense and anti-submarine operations. Additionally, counterpiracy, terrorism and drug smuggling operation in the sea.

INDRA X (18 – 28 NOV, 2018)

The opening ceremony of the Tenth Indo-Russian Joint Exercise, INDRA was held on 19th Nov 2018 at Babina Military Station (Uttar Pradesh) by Ministry of Defence. This exercise is between armies, not navy.

Aim :

INDRA Exercise
INDRA Exercise

The aim is to practice joint planning and conduct to enhance the interoperability of the two armies. Also working together for the peacekeeping and enforcement environment under the aegis of the United Nations.

This eleven-day exercise focuses upon training on enhancing team building and tactical level operations in a counter-insurgency environment in semi-urban terrain.

The previous military maneuvers took place in 2017 in Russia’s Far Eastern region of Primorye and at naval training grounds of Russia’s Pacific Fleet.